When Chronic Fatigue is Lyme Disease #16

This patient was frustrated with his health deteriorating and could get no explanations or diagnosis. He had respiratory issues that resulted in prescriptions of heavy doses of antibiotics. The prescriptions increased in dosages as time went on. Other symptoms included extreme fatigue, for a person who was had been active his entire life. Eventually he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The result of this was a prescription of yet a higher dosage of antibiotics. This cause the patient to look for other treatment options. He traveled to The West Clinic where it was determined he had lyme disease, and that was the underlying factor to all his symptoms. He opted to do aggressive treatments. After day three, he had amazing results and felt 15 years younger. He was skeptical at first but then impressed by Dr J and the caring staff at The West Clinic. His faith in his treatment further increased while sitting in the IV room and hearing first hand accounts of other patients in treatment.

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