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Amanda’s Lyme Disease Story From A Wheelchair To Walking

 At only 15, Amanda contracted a violent form of Lyme Disease which dramatically increased her sensitivity to light and sound, completely robbed her of energy, and ultimately left her unable to walk for a year and a half. After a three year uphill battle against conventional medicine with little improvement, Amanda had accepted what seemed to be her fate; she would forever live suffering the effects of Lyme Disease and possibly never walk for the rest of her life. Then…

Natural Treatments for Depression

Depression is a very common disorder that should be taken very serious. Pills and medication may be prescribed but most of the time can have an opposite effect on them. Here at the West Clinic, we show natural and healthy ways to help with depression and not intoxicate your body with all of those prescribed drugs that may be recommended. Most people who take prescription drugs for depression are not happy with the side effects. Here are some natural therapies…

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