Spider Bites Can Be Deadly! #36

Spider bites can be a medical emergency, and deadly. Joanne realized she had a spider bite. Her leg had a funny red pattern on one leg. A few days went by and she couldnt get out of bed or fuction. She realized she been bitten, whent to emergency room and was given an antibiotic. The condition got worse and she was given a stronger antibiotic. The tiny red dot became many blisters, and leg would burn and sting. Dr J treated with Limb bagging, which is a treatment with zone and oxygen that stimulates it to heal. If a spider bites get hard or red rings around it, you should seek medical attention imediately.

Cellulitis may spread rapidly. Affected skin appears swollen and red and may be hot and tender.
Without treatment cellulitis can be life-threatening.

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