The Secret to Boosting Female Libido

In celebration of the month of love, I have some great libido boosting tips for you. In my last article, I gave you some advice on enhancing male libido. Now today, I’m going to share how to increase female libido.

Now, this is one of those things that’s like the Holy Grail. If you can figure out something that would work for female sex drive, you would be retired on a tropical island. But there are some neat things that you can do to help increase libido, the biggest being you have to get women’s physiology balanced. We see a lot of hormone conditions, like thyroid and adrenals, affecting female libido, energy levels, metabolism, sleep, hair loss and more.

Fatigue is a complaint that often factors into a women’s libido. One of the best things I know to evaluate the fatigue levels of a patient is to take their blood pressure lying down, and then have them stand up and compare what happens with the pulse rate and the blood pressure. They call that Ragland’s test. From this easy test, I have a better idea of how to treat the patient’s fatigue, which in turn increases libido. Then, we need to make sure that they’re managing stress and they are not anemic. High levels of stress and anemia are both huge contributors to fatigue, hormone imbalance and decreased libido.

Now, the magic sauce for female sex drive from a natural perspective is Chlorophyll, Talancia Root, Vitamin E (approximately 800 to 1,200 international units) and then some hormone stimulation pathways with a natural Pituitrophin extract and a Hypothalamus extract.

There’s also a really neat nerve reset therapy I perform called Neurotherapy. I take a 3cc syringe with a little 30 gauge needle, 2% of Procaine, and inject basically over the thyroid. I also like to perform an acupuncture reset for the pelvis that is a non-traumatic, easy way to reset some hormonal and neurotherapy pathways. I’ll tell you more extensively about that in an upcoming addition on regenerative injections.

For a natural libido enhancement for men and women that you can start today, try KS-10M. In celebration of the month of love, I’ve discounted the price 20% so you can try it with you partner. Trust me, I know you’re going to love it. KS-10M supports healthy male and female sexual desire by increasing blood flow to the genitals. It also supports a healthy nervous system, treats anxiety, tension, insomnia, is an anti-inflammatory and helps stabilize insulin. I also strongly recommend seeing a physician to ensure your hormones are in balance. To schedule with my office, call us at 208-232-3216.


The Holy Grail of Sexual Desire?

We’ve talked a lot about male and female libido this month. To help boost yours and your spouse’s, I would like to introduce you to KS-10M. KS-10M is the perfect libido enhancement for men and women. It increases blood flow to the genitals, promotes a healthy nervous system, decreases anxiety and tension, stabilizes insulin levels, is an anti-inflammatory and is loaded with antioxidants. As a special thank you for being a part of my awesome community, I’m offering 20% off while supplies last. Learn more here.


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