Lyme Disease Testimonial #22

Holly had been very sick and in bed for 8 years after being diagnosed with Lyme Disease. She traveled here from Salisbury MA, in hopes of getting well. She had been to countless doctors in effort to improve her health and feels like she tried everything. Other symptom included lack of stregnth and she was using a walker. She had no energy, “no life,” and was sleeping 9-10 hours a day. Her skin tone was grey, and she was on many prescriptions. Holly describes herself as going from 0-50% with her first vist. She returned for her second round of treatments and now feels 75% better. She is very happy with this progress. Treatments given were UVLRX treatment, more energy, neurla therapy which is reprograming the nerves, IV vitamin therapy, mind body health, and detox treatments. More info:

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