GI System Testimonial #46

GI System

GI symptoms are gone. The body is balanced and patient feels great. For more patient testimonials about the digestive system and other conditions, visit

Words from patient “I am so humbled and amazed! 3 months ago I came into the West Clinic with severe stomach pain to the point that everything I ate was a food allergy. With the help of Dr. West and the wonderful Joelle Einerson I completely changed my diet, got on supplements, and started treatments. I am now feeling so much better! My pain level is way way down! I am amazed at what happens when we value and empower our bodies! While I still have a lot of ups and downs and I still have a lot of hard work ahead of me I am practically a new woman!! My body is capable of being healthy and strong!! God is so good to me! This experience had been such a blessing! Thank you so much everyone for all your love and support!” Anna McFarland

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