Eye disease meets West Clinic (macular degeneration, arterial vein occlusion). Inspiring

Macular degeneration treatment success. Meet Travis, he woke up in 2017 and his right eye didn’t work. He was originally diagnosed with macular degeneration and then ocular vein inclusion, which is a hardening of the arteries. He tried Rx shots into his eyes at $3,700/each. It did not help. After two years of medical treatments, he and his wife were losing hope. He came to the West Clinic in April 2019. He received oral nutritional therapy (Eye Alive, Cruciferous Complete), chezone therapy (chelation and ozone) and high dose IV vitamin C therapy. It was an incredibly good experience. Travis says, “I feel better on every level.”

The West Clinic was started in 1916. Dr Jason West is a 4th generation doctor and has a wonderful team of committed health care providers – Shelby Stoddard NP, Scott Nelson DC, NMD LAc, Katie Disharoon ND and Kurtis Hinderman NP. There is two offices, one in Idaho and one in Utah. You can get more information at the website: www.westcliniconline.com. To see patient experience, please go to www.dailydosevitaminh.com. You are NOT your diagnosis.

Dr Jason West, 2019

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