Cyclic Neutropenia Testimonial #62

What is Cyclic Neutropenia?

Cyclic Neutropenia is a rare blood disorder characterized by recurrent episodes of abnormally low levels of certain white blood cells (neutrophils) in the body. Neutrophils are instrumental in fighting off infection by surrounding and destroying bacteria that enter the body.

Andrews symptoms are that his immune system dies about every three weeks which had left him sick in bed.  He had no energy to get up and was lethargic with this cycle of the illness.  He was existing on will power.

Before coming to the West Clinic, he was taking the prescription Numegen and was having undesireable side effects.  He wanted to choose another path for treatment.


Now he feels amazing improvement and is so happy to not be using the perscription.  He feels he right path with all the improvement, doing holistic treatments, and using the medical nutritional program from the West Clinic.

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    1. I have found that daily vitamin b12 injections keeps my Cyclic Neutropenia controlled. Increased vitamin d3 also helps when I’m cycling. Using Peridex instead of toothpaste to brush my teeth has stopped the mouth sores as well. I have refused any medications because the side effects can cause increased issues. Although once a month I am more fatigued I am able to function reasonably well.

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