No More Chronic Fatigue #54

I had Chronic Fatigue

A wonderful outcome with Kris feeling 100% better. She came in because of extreem tiredness, fatigue, had dark circles under eyes, and no energy. Ten treatments of Vitamin Infusion therapy and Ultra Violet Therapy has her feeling great with better functioning. Fatigue is one of the highest health care complaints for adults.

Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue

To be diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, your tiredness must be severe enough to decrease your ability to participate in ordinary activities by 50%. The fatigue often worsens with activity, but doesn’t improve with rest.

Symptoms people may experience:

  • Pain areas: in the joints or muscles
  • Whole body: fatigue, inability to exercise, or malaise
  • Cognitive: forgetfulness or lack of concentration
  • Mood: anxiety or apprehension

Also common: confusion, depression, excess sleepiness, headache, muscle weakness, sensitivity to pain, or sore throat. At The West Clinic we treat fatigue with natural treatments. For more info click Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Try the Vitamins that Kris used to get her energy back:

Superhero Supreme Vitamin Superhero Supreme Vita/Min

Superhero Supreme Vita/Min contains optimal amounts of many nutrients not easily obtained in most diets. It uses higher quality ingredients than most multivitamins, including vitamin E as high gamma mixed-tocopherols, our proprietary NatureFolate™ blend of active isomer naturally-occurring folates, and TRAACS® true amino acid chelate minerals for optimal tolerance and absorption. These exceptional ingredients are combined in an up-to-date, science-based formulation to create a truly superior multi.*

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