West Nile Virus #29

Sue Ann has suffered from West Nile Virus. The symptoms of the virus are joint pain, tiredness, fatigue, lackk of energy, and more. The treatment focus was to balancing the body and build up the immune system with various therapies in the clinic. Patient is overjoyed.

Severe Headaches #27

This woman was suffering from severe headaches and could not find any relief.  She began to need strong prescriptions.  She went to many doctors to try to find a cure.  She was finally referred to The West Clinic.Treatments given were Crown of Thornes and IV Therapy.  Patient is ecstatic to be free of pain and of prescriptions.

Joint Pain #26

Arthritis in knees and very sore ankles.  She is now pain free.  She has had magnet therapy, injections, and supplements .   The patient is happy to not get surgery.

Relief of Chronic Pain from Past Injury #9

This patient had a lingering injury that began with a fractured vertebrae in his back. Over the years the pain increased. He got many back injections from medical profession that didn't seem to work. The pain increased and the patient couldn't sleep due to chronic pain. He came to The West Clinic and has had relief from pain.

Arthritis is Often Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease #2

This woman is another story of medically failed treatments of unexplained symptoms, (that was eventually diagnosed as Lyme Disease). She was in severe pain. She was told she would be in wheel chair if did not follow the medical treatment which was low level chemo and drug therapy. Then, her liver began to fail. She was told she would need a liver transplant. By then she was addicted to pain medication. Friends found The West Clinic and referred her here.…

Chronic Back Pain, and Knee Pain #3

This man had been suffering with chronic pain his whole life due to Osgood Schlatters Disease. He also had chronic pain in his back. He couldn't sleep due to so much pain. He is doing well due to the treatments he received at The West Clinic. Treatments given were prolozone treatment. Prolozone is a form of non-surgical ligament reconstruction and is a permanent treatment for chronic pain. Prolozone is a connective tissue injection therapy of collagen producing substances and ozone…