Lyme Disease

Lyme Disease Testimonial #21

Phenomenal outcome with treatment of Lyme Disease.  Courtney reports 98% improvement.  Treatments given were vitamin injections, building up of immune system, and a ligament treatment program.  Courtney had neck function and muscle function return.  The patient gives The West Clinic 150% referral.  Http://

Fibromyagia, Lupus? Lyme Disease Testimonial, Darlene #6 | Naturopathic Lyme Disease Treatment Using nutrient IV therapy("Myer's Cocktail," hydrogen peroxide, and HCT), Dr. Jason West effectively treats the harsh Lyme Disease. The West Clinic 1188 Call Place Pocatello, ID 83201 (208) 232-3216 Please subscribe to our YouTube channel: Youtube/HiddenSecrets Add me on Google+: And Twitter: Facebook too!

Lyme Disease Progress #19

This patient was experiencing from a very young age, illness, fatigue, sharp head pains, heart pain, numbness in legs, and symptoms that were unexplainable. Dakota now feels happy, has energy, and is symptom free. Various natural treatments were done such as neural therapy, and IV therapy. Contact us at

Lyme Disease Testimonial #12

Failed by "conventional" medicine, Nancy found correct diagnosis and life-enhancing treatment at the hands of Dr. Jason West (NMD, DC). Using nutrient IV therapy("Myer's Cocktail," hydrogen peroxide, and HCT), PEMF, magnet therapy Dr. West effectively treated the harsh Lyme Disease.  

Lyme Disease – From Wheelchair to Walking #17

Amanda was suffering from unexplained symptoms since the age of 5 years old.  Her symptoms would come and go. Things took a run for the worse when she was in high school.   She had flu like symptoms, couldn't get out of bed, or couldn't do anything she normally did.  The family went to various doctors and could not find answers for her symptoms.  The family found out about The West Clinic.  It was determined that she had Lyme disease…

When Chronic Fatigue is Lyme Disease #16

This patient was frustrated with his health deteriorating and could get no explanations or diagnosis. He had respiratory issues that resulted in prescriptions of heavy doses of antibiotics. The prescriptions increased in dosages as time went on. Other symptoms included extreme fatigue, for a person who was had been active his entire life. Eventually he was diagnosed with pneumonia. The result of this was a prescription of yet a higher dosage of antibiotics. This cause the patient to look for…

Arthritis is Often Misdiagnosed Lyme Disease #2

This woman is another story of medically failed treatments of unexplained symptoms, (that was eventually diagnosed as Lyme Disease). She was in severe pain. She was told she would be in wheel chair if did not follow the medical treatment which was low level chemo and drug therapy. Then, her liver began to fail. She was told she would need a liver transplant. By then she was addicted to pain medication. Friends found The West Clinic and referred her here.…

Lyme Disease #15

Patient could not get any answers to extreme health conditions and medications and medical procedures were not helping. Over a period of time she had been diagnosed with mono, had her gallbladder removed, had her appendix removed, and been diagnosed with chromes disease.  She could not eat and was on the verge of death.  It was later determined that she had Lyme Disease.

Lyme Disease Progress #10

This patient couldn't walk or talk and needed twenty-four hour care, due to symptoms of Lyme Disease.  At The West Clinic, we are giving various treatments such as Neural Therapy, Magnetic Therapy, UVRLX Therapy, and IV Therapy.  This patient has made significant strides in recovery.  More info for The West Clinic can be found at