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West Nile? What type of deadly virus? #60

I recovered from a deadly virus. Here is a testimonial of a remarkable turn-around in health for Connie. She was extremely ill and had been sent away from several health care providers without being diagnosed. Many thought she was near death with theories of West Nile Virus, or some unknown virus. A series of Vitamin C infusions and other treatments were given and she feel 100 percent better.

MS Treatment Success #59

Dixie was diagnoed with MS was very ill.  Dixie had Vitamin Infusion an injections  and is much more active and doing really well. As multiple sclerosis (MS) attacks the nerves, it can lead to a variety of symptoms. Their severity can vary from person to person. Not everyone with MS will have the symptoms listed below. You may have some symptoms that are not mentioned here. Remember that having one or more of these symptoms does not mean you have… #58

I was on Deaths Door Andrea was on deaths door. She had given up life activities, couldn't work, couldn't drive and just could not function.  She felt hopeless and  writing her will.  She had no energy and was bedridden for four years. She began to get migraines. After getting treatment at the West Clinic and getting the body in balance, Andrea has a new lease on life. She feels amazing. Treatments given were the Lyme Package, Ozone treatments that gave…

Overcoming Lyme Disease #57

Isabel was diagnosed with Lyme and had been struggling badly for two years. She had tried treatments with several care providers before finding the West Clinic. After 3 months of Vitamin Infusion treatments, detox, support the immune system, reset the nerves, and blood cleansing treatments. She has made a lot of progress, getting normalized, increasing in energy and former lifestyle At the West Clinic we have an awesome approach to Lyme and work to stimulate immune system and to get…

Say Goodbye to Fatigue #56

My Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome are Gone Hillary was extremely tired and fatigued. She was exhasted and could not function for years. Treatments given were Vitamim Infusion and supplements. She went from being bedridden to going home and redoing her kitchen! We worked to correct the physiology and balance the system. The goal of the West Clinic is to make you well and healthy so you do not have to return. My Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Are Gone…

No More Chronic Fatigue #54

I had Chronic Fatigue A wonderful outcome with Kris feeling 100% better. She came in because of extreem tiredness, fatigue, had dark circles under eyes, and no energy. Ten treatments of Vitamin Infusion therapy and Ultra Violet Therapy has her feeling great with better functioning. Fatigue is one of the highest health care complaints for adults. Symptoms of Chronic Fatigue To be diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, your tiredness must be severe enough to decrease your ability to participate in…

Lyme Disease Symptoms Gone #57

My Lyme Disease Symptoms Were Getting The Best of Me Lyme Disease symptoms affect roughly 300,000 people each year. People of all ages can contract the disease and it is most common in children or individuals who spend a lot of time in outdoor activities. Rita visited the clinic after spending several months in bed, wondering what was wrong with her. This is her story. What Is Lyme Disease Lyme Disease affects people of all ages. It is a bacterial infection…

Lyme Disease Treatment Success

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Lyme Disease is more prevelant than most people think. Most people think it is because of a tick bite, but there are many ways one can contract lyme disease. Lyme Disease treatment usually takes 6-12 months. This patient was bedridden and had severe fatigue. Treatments given were vitamin infusions, body work, nerve reset therapy, among others. Check out The West Clinic for treatment options at

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