3 Tips to Help Keep You Out of the Doctor’s Office

The latin root word for doctor, docēre, means to teach, so I want to teach you 3 very important things.  It’s about the tin man, it’s about the sanctuary and it’s about the nervous system decompressor.

The Tin Man

You know how the tin man on the Wizard of Oz was not moving very well because he was out of oil? Well water is our oil. It is amazing to me how many chronically ill people don’t drink enough water, they’re dehydrated, and they don’t feel good. If they start to drink more water, what happens is the water helps flush toxins, it makes skin better and it’s fantastic for weight loss.

Tip: Drink a full glass of water before you eat.

This is one of the best things I know how to help people to reduce portion size when they eat, it helps with arthritis, circulation, fatigue and more. The rule of thumb is to drink about half of your body weight in ounces. I weigh about 190 pounds so I drink about 95 ounces a day. There are so many amazing health benefits to drinking water, make sure you’re getting enough every day.

The Tin Man recap:

  • water is our oil
  • flushes toxins
  • great for weight loss

The Sanctuary

If you can’t sleep, you can’t heal. I can’t believe how many people are having sleeping problems. Some people are even creating them unintentionally. For example, if you don’t have your body on a schedule, you could be unintentionally creating sleeping problems. You should go to bed at the same time, get up at the same time, keep your bedroom cool and yourself warm.

The most important tip for better sleep is you have to get rid of LED lights before bed. This includes things like the TV, iPad, and smart phones. If you are stimulated by led lights, you don’t get into rem sleep, it takes you twice as long to get going in the morning, and what’s really significant is it throws off your circadian rhythm by about 90 minutes. Make sure your room is completely dark and get rid of the led lights before bed. If you can’t sleep, you can’t heal.

The Sanctuary recap:

  • get on a schedule
  • no LEDs!!

Nervous System Decompressor

The last important tip to help keep you out of the doctor’s office and save you time and money is to have something to decompress your nervous system. Stress isn’t a disease but it aggravates all diseases. Here are a couple tips to get rid of stress…

You have to take time for you. Put it on the schedule where you have to communicate with yourself whether it’s meditation, deep breathing, thinking, praying, whatever it is, put time on your schedule for you. The very best thing I’ve seen to help people with stress is to connect the right side of the brain to the left side of the brain with one really nice connective pathway by journaling. When you write out your thoughts it’s amazing what it does for stress levels. I was taught this by a chronically ill patient that came to the office. I wasn’t the only doctor that was taking care of her, I thought she was going to pass away but she didn’t. She made a miraculous recovery instead. She taught me how to do this journaling trick and visualizing how to get rid of chronic cancer problems. She had an amazing recovery and taught me this really important lesson on journaling.

Nervous System Decompressor recap:

  • time for you
  • connect you brain
  • start a journal

Here’s to your energy, balance and longevity!


Health Alert: Chronic Stress!

Did you know psychological stress is associated with greater risk for depression, heart disease and infectious diseases? Learn more here.


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