Get Those Toxins Out of the Body!

We live in a world that is overrun with toxins of all kinds – Environmental pollutants, food additives,
chemical manipulations, etc. As toxins build up in our bodies, they alter the healing capabilities that are
so vital for optimal health, and they are a catalyst to disease. This compromise creates dysfunction. This can show up in many ways for us
– an overactive immune system, endocrine and hormonal dysfunction, adrenal fatigue, chronic
inflammation, excess weight and even cancer (just to name a few…). Many people are unaware that
toxins can also create emotional imbalances for us. Anger, anxiety, frustration, depression, or feelings of
being overwhelmed are common for toxic bodies.
Your body is designed to constantly rebuild itself. It is also constantly being sabotaged by toxins. These
toxins directly affect your red blood cells – bogging them down and causing your body not to be able to
rebuild itself like it should. By simply releasing these toxins, you can give your body the right formula to
function the way it is designed to.
There are many ways toxins can be introduced into your body – from breathing polluted air, drinking
polluted water, eating chemically sprayed foods, to being in constant contact with toxic metals like lead,
mercury, arsenic, and even aluminum. Many people notice increased energy, clarity in their cognition
and brain function, improvement of symptoms they have been dealing with and weight loss (increased
metabolism) when they detoxify. As we cleanse these toxins from the body, it literally improves the
caliber of your cells, especially if you start eating nutrient dense foods along with your cleansing
protocol. Clean, waste free cells will provide energy, balance, and longevity to your body.


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