Why take supplements?


Let’s talk about supplements. I hear it all the time. “You’re just trying to sell me stuff,” or, “Makes expensive urine.” Do supplements really work and why doesn’t my regular doctor recommend them?

Why take supplements?

Did you know that balanced people don’t get sick? They don’t get symptoms. An imbalance occurs either from a deficiency, like from a vitamin or a mineral, and if you don’t have the right vitamins and minerals from your diet, then you’re going to get a symptom. You’re going to get a condition or disease.

We know for at least the last five decades that the soil is missing vitamins and minerals. The transported packaging, the genetic alteration and toxic environments have all changed foods. It used to be said that the best source of nutrients is the food you’re eating, but that’s no longer true. To experience optimum health, you have to add to that, or supplement, and so supplements build on the foundation of food.

Why doesn’t my regular doctor recommend supplements?

I cannot honestly answer that because we are what we eat. It seems so counter intuitive for any doctor to not recommend supplements, and the science is there. Our food today is not the same food that our grandparents ate, so it’s my opinion that all doctors should be recommending supplements. I do believe that the landscape is changing and in the decades to come, supplementing will be the way of life.

Do supplements really work?

When people take the appropriate supplements for the right condition with the right vitamin and mineral, I have seen and continue to see miraculous outcomes. Not all supplements are the same, you have to be careful. There’s vast differences in supplement quality and product sourcing, and you have to do your due diligence or develop a relationship with a doctor that you can trust that will answer and investigate your questions. It’s a journey together.

Here’s to your energy, balance, and longevity.


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