Nutrients are the chemical substances contained in food that are necessary to sustain life.  They provide energy, contribute to the structure and make-up of our bodies, and regulate and assist in the functioning of all body processes.  Essential nutrients are necessary to support life and must be supplied by the diet.

A nutrient-dense diet of whole foods and supplements provides the ultimate foundation leading to optimal health and wellness. As you take small steps in improving your diet, you will become educated, energized and empowered and you will form healthy eating habits to last a lifetime.


Optimal health is built on certain biochemical foundations.  There are differing opinions everywhere you turn in regards to how to best fuel the body. There is a reason for this…. No two bodies are the same. We are all bio-individual beings. What works for you, doesn’t necessarily work for all. This is the main reason many don’t experience relief when following routine diet plans or food pyramid recommendations.

Kristine May believes in uniquely tailoring dietary guidance to best support each client’s needs.

Having complete confidence in nutrition and its ability to transform our bodies, Kristine knows education is the key.  As she works together with clients, they gain a better understanding of how food choices influence the body.  Nutritional deficiencies may be causing symptoms or systemic dysfunction.  As she works to foundationally support clients, symptoms many times dissipate.  Through this transformation, clients not only feel healthier, but also develop healthy habits that can last a lifetime.  This wealth of knowledge continues to bless you as long as you let it.


Schedule a free initial Nutritional Consult with Kristine May, BSHS, NTP, TODAY and receive a copy of the 4-Hour-Chef by Tim Ferriss.


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