The Common Cold


What are your summer plans? People often associate the common cold with winter weather, however, colds can happen anytime of the year. With kids out of school and so many people traveling for summer, you may end up on a plane with someone sick and consequently catch the cold as well.

The cold is a very common condition that chews up a lot of money, time and expenses in doctor visits and over the counter medicines. The common cold is caused by a virus with symptoms including a fever, the chills, you can be clammy, it can cause your eyes to run and increase phlegm production.

There’s a whole slew of different things that you can take from Robitussin to Vick’s and cough suppressants. Sometimes doctor’s will even give you antibiotics. There are also some really neat, natural remedies you can use to treat the common cold. The first thing that I want to remind people is that sometimes fevers associated with colds are not bad. The fever is what our body does to help your temperature increase, turning on your immune system and allowing your body to get rid of the infection that it’s fighting.

There are some natural immune system stimulating medicines that are really, really effective for viruses. Things like Lomatia (MD – Microbial Defense), elderberry, colloidal silver (AgEnt), echinacea, and garlic. The one thing that I think is the missing component of cold remedies is a lymphatic drainer. You’ve got to be able to get stuff out of your system throughout the tonsils and the spleen and the thymus, those glands that really help infection. These are all really helpful products in boosting your immune system and getting rid of the common cold.

Another thing that’s really effective is to make sure that you reduce your sugar intake because sugar makes it so your body can’t fight off the infection as effectively. There is some really good research that shows sugar impairs the immune system. Avoid those things like soda pop. My grandma always said that Sprite was really good for the cold. Don’t drink Sprite when you’re having the common cold, it’s not that helpful.

To your energy, balance, and longevity,
Dr. Jason West


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