Pain Free of Arthritis without Surgery #74

How I Became Pain-Free after Continuous Arthritis Pain Marie was suffering from arthritis pain in her thumb.  The pain was continuous for 24 hours a day and the pain kept her awake at night.  She has been pain free for 3 years since getting Regenerative Injection Therapy into the thumb joint to stimulate the body tor repair itself.

My Arthritis Symptoms Are Fading -Testimonial #1

My Arthritis Symptoms Are Fading Morgan's Arthritis Symptoms were making it difficult for him to enjoy the quality of life that he was used to. He couldn't get around and his lower back pain made him feel 100 years old. After only five treatments Morgan say's he is feeling many years younger and has regained some of the quality of life he was missing. What is Arthritis? Roughly one in five Americans suffer from Arthritis. Arthritis is a simple way…

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