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Failed back surgery miracle.

I am not neeting surgery. I am BETTER.  Meet Aaron Fernau and here's his story.  Aaron came to teh office with severe low back pain.  He had surgery in 1994 and it didn't work.  The medical world told him, "There's nothing more we can do for you, learn to live with it."  It hur to lean over, crouch down, stand in one spot and to sit for any length of time.  He was medically disabled with really weak leg weakness…

Heroes Story

Hello everyone, welcom to my patient video blog.  In these posts and pages are the stories of truly remarkable people. People that have been diagnosed with severe medical conditions and those that have been a puzzle to the medical world.  These people never gave up and because of that, I got to meet them, to share their journey and to be a part of their story. There is always hope. Remember, you are NOT your diagnosis.

Hero Story – Rheumatoid Arthritis. It’s not over.

I WILL NOT BE DEAD IN 6 MONTHS!  That was in 2005. I am my hero’s story# – I am enjoying writing the stories of my heroes.  They amaze and inspire me.  The people in these stories are astonishing.  I have shared with you stories of cancer, failed back surgery, multiple sclerosis, now it Rheumatoid Arthritis.  I love this quote, “I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to become.”  When patient’s decide to write their…

Heroes Story #7 of #220; my second Dad

Hero Story #7 - Max Hanks -What a story!!! "Everyone has a story. It might or might not be a story of dreams, friendship, hope, survival or even death. And every story is worth telling. But more than that, it's worth living.  - Savi Sharma  [ Pictured left to right; Jason West, Max Hanks, Carter West, Dalton West] I have written a lot of about YOU NOT BEING YOUR DIAGNOSIS.  Maybe this one is a little different.  Maybe the message about…

Balancing the Body will help with Fertility #72

Jodi has a history of seizures, and had Fertility Struggles. She also had concerns about parasites from living abroad, and was struggling with fertility issues. She had been to many doctors before the West Clinic and had not felt restored to health. Once at the clinic, she began feeling much better and had more clarity, and was able to get pregnant. We worked to balance biochemistry, hormones, and energy, and then to overcome the immune system problems with IV Therapy. "When…

Chronic GI System Success Testimonial #71

Greg has had chronic issues with his GI System. With the help of LDM-100 and Clarkia he has had tremendous success. For more info on LDM, see For Clarkia (anti-parasite formula), see

Amanda’s Lyme Disease Story From A Wheelchair To Walking

 At only 15, Amanda contracted a violent form of Lyme Disease which dramatically increased her sensitivity to light and sound, completely robbed her of energy, and ultimately left her unable to walk for a year and a half. After a three year uphill battle against conventional medicine with little improvement, Amanda had accepted what seemed to be her fate; she would forever live suffering the effects of Lyme Disease and possibly never walk for the rest of her life. Then…

Thyroid Cancer is Gone#70

My Treatment for Thyroid Cancer Ten treatments and cancer-free.  Judy had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer, could barely walk, was bed ridden, and  was also suffering from lyme disease.  It is the West Clinic's practice to first balance the body as it's first line of defense. Some of the treatments given were IV Nutritional Therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic, neural therapy, oxidatative therapy, and HCT,  

My Arthritis Symptoms Are Fading -Testimonial #1

My Arthritis Symptoms Are Fading Morgan's Arthritis Symptoms were making it difficult for him to enjoy the quality of life that he was used to. He couldn't get around and his lower back pain made him feel 100 years old. After only five treatments Morgan say's he is feeling many years younger and has regained some of the quality of life he was missing. What is Arthritis? Roughly one in five Americans suffer from Arthritis. Arthritis is a simple way…

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