An Answer To Breast Cancer?


Did you know that we have a built-in defense system in our bodies that fights against cancer?

You’ve seen the pink ribbons and the donation boxes for the “fight against breast cancer” everywhere. This has become a very serious problem. Besides skin cancer, breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women. It has the highest death-rate than any other cancer for women – second only to lung cancer.

Why? It doesn’t have to be this way.

Our bodies have a natural way to keep cancer (and other chronic disease) at bay. Each one of us has cancer-protective genes that are like light switches. Turned on, they protect. Turned off, they don’t. As our nutritional values get worse, as we fail to manage stress, as we live around and consume chemicals, and as we age, we decline in hormone production – causing these “switches” to turn off – leaving us open to cancer.

You may think that this is why we have the technology to make cancer-fighting drugs and treatments. However, we have the ability to naturally fight cancer – to turn on these cancer-protective genes, by simply reinstating the hormones to perfect balance. Just like anything else dealing with health and wellness, if we have a healthy lifestyle, then cancer is kept in check.

Cancer Treatments

Conventional medicine is proud of the fact that they have “solutions” for fighting cancer. These include radiation, chemotherapy, drugs and synthetic hormones.

In this article, we are going to talk about the cancer-fighting hormones, dealing directly with breast cancer.

“Mainstream” medicine uses synthetic hormones, which include Premarin (synthetic estrogens), Provera (used for abnormal menstruation), and Prempro (synthetic estrogens and progestin). My question is: why come up with a synthetic, unnatural “solution” when it’s easier, less expensive, and more effective with natural solutions?

The Women’s Health Initiative in 2002 stopped an eight-year study – a little over five years into it – declaring that, “It would be better for women to take nothing at all than to take these dangerous, harmful, and sometimes fatal synthetic hormones.” The headlines read, “Hormone replacement is dangerous and even fatal.” Women were shown the big picture, and as a result, stopped taking the synthetic hormones. To the medical industry’s surprise, breast cancer didn’t increase, but in fact, decreased – and at an alarmingly fast rate.

Sadly though, through fear marketing and a lack of knowledge and understanding, synthetic hormones for cancer are winning out. And as a results, breast cancer is on the rise again – at frightening levels, affecting one out of every eight women.

Now we are to the point where women, and people in general, won’t even look at hormone balance – naturally. They are told that the only way to combat cancer is to do so synthetically, with drugs, radiation, and chemotherapy.

The fact of the matter is, natural bioidentical hormones, replaced in perfect ratios, will prevent breast cancer – and all other cancers.

If synthetic is not the answer, then what are the natural hormones that fight cancer?


DHEA has the broadest application against cancer because it is a key hormone in regulating g6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) – an enzyme involved in the pathway that feeds cancers. If DHEA levels are optimum, the pathway that feeds the cancer will not be as active and more cancers will die earlier. Basically, it reduces the risk of cancer by slowing or stopping its food supply.


Estrogen is comprised of many different hormones, mainly:

Estradiol: 80%-90%

Estriol: 5%-10%

Estrone: 5%-10%

Having low estriol, which is measured through urine testing, is associated with a high risk for cancer. It is vitally important that estriol be replaced in the proper amounts for cancer protection. It does this by occupying the estrogen receptor sites so that not as much cancer-friendly estrogen (i.e. estradiol) can get through.

Other components of estrogen hormones include 2-hydroxyestrogens (cancer-fighting), 16-hydroxyestrogens (cancer-friendly), 4hydroxyestrogens (cancer-friendly) and 2 methoxyestradiol (cancer-fighting).


Iodine stimulates the metabolism of estradiol and estrone into estriol (which protects against cancer formation). Simply getting sufficient iodine or iodide, raises estriol levels internally without having to take estriol from the outside.

Iodine directly stimulates the formation of iodolipids (fats combined with iodine) in the breast – which kills many types of breast-cancer cells.

COMT and Stress

COMT helps activate adrenaline when we are under stress by adding more methyl groups. If COMT is busy methylating adrenaline, it can’t methylate as much estrogen, so our own internal products of 2-methoxyestradiol goes down.

Safe, natural supplements to help our bodies manufacture 2-methoxyestradiol are: Methylcobalamin (form of B12), Methylfolate (folic acid), and SAMe.


Any woman (or man) on thyroid hormone replacement therapy needs to be taking iodine. The risk of thyroid cancer increases 200% without iodine.

Breast cancer is something to take seriously. It is something that requires attention. But it’s something that can be prevented, and even reversed, if treated properly. Email me at or ask the West Clinic staff any questions you may have about breast cancer, hormones, etc. at 208-232-3216.

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