Airborne & Environmental Allergies & Sensitivities


By: Kristine May, BSHS, NTP
Nutritional Therapist – West Clinic

Airborne allergies are inflammatory responses to foreign materials that make their way into the body. Most commonly referred to as hay fever, symptoms can range from runny or clogged nose, itchy, watery or puffy eyes, rashes, sneezing or coughing, itchiness in nose or throat, and sometimes dark circles under the eyes (caused by increases in blood flow to the sinuses). These symptoms can be in response to grasses, hay, pollens, dust mites, perfumes, etc.

One of the major functions of the immune system is to differentiate between self and non-self, in other words, knowing what the body needs vs. foreign materials or invaders.  When faced with foreign materials or invaders, the immune system’s job is to create antibodies to the threat so that when it encounters these substances in the future, it will forge an attack quickly and protect the body from harm. This remarkable capability is a great strength of our immune system, but problems arise when we start having inappropriate responses or become hyper responsive. When this happens, histamine and other chemicals are released, causing inflammation which affects the tissues and organs of the body, especially skin and mucous membranes.

Allergic symptoms and manifestations are many times the result of multiple stressors on our system.  It is the body’s way of throwing a “temper tantrum” per se. For example, a person may be reactive to a specific environmental irritant.  When they are eating right, supporting their body with adequate rest, the stress level is low in their life and they are eliminating toxins properly, they may not be reactive to the irritant. It is when we have too many stressors that we become hyper responsive. High demands in our schedules, eating fast food / processed foods on the run, less exercise and sleep, paired with constipation or nonfunctional bowels and we have a recipe for disaster.  The adrenal glands become weakened and are unable to produce adrenal hormones like cortisol, “the stress hormone”, which regulates blood sugar levels, nutrient metabolism, and immune responses.  This is when the body becomes hypersensitive and functioning becomes impaired. It is important to support the body foundationally to decrease allergic-type symptoms and reactions and help keep the body stabilized.

What Causes Sensitivities?

  1. Toxicity in the environment exposes us to more irritants and allergic substances
  2. Stress plays a major role by dysregulating immune functions and weakening adrenal response. Stress also wreaks havoc on our digestive system, a core contributor in developing allergies.
  3. Overexposure to chemicals and over intake of refined / processed foods
  4. Excess or repeated contact with particular substances in the environment
  5. Extreme temperatures can influence many people’s allergies. Quick changes in temperature may cause sinus congestion, skin rashes, hives, or even asthma attacks.

Allergy Evaluation & Treatment

Skin testing is most likely the best way to isolate specific airborne / environmental allergens.  Keeping a journal of when you experience certain reactions and what irritants you were exposed to may also be beneficial.

Fasting and detox programs are beneficial to anyone who is highly reactive.  Bodies that are less congested are less allergic. Cleansing the liver and colon is the priority.  Short fasts are beneficial and adding in lemon water for liver support is recommended. Juicing is a great way to get in essential nutrients while giving the colon a chance to repair and cleanse.  In regards to seasonal allergies specifically, it can be helpful to do intermittent fasting for the 1-2 weeks before the usual onset of symptoms in the spring.

ACUPUNCTURE is a great option for anyone suffering with allergies as is IRR therapy (Infraspinatus respiratory reflex therapy), INTRAVENOUS INFUSION THERAPY, HEALTHY CELL THERAPY and ULTRAVIOLET BLOOD IRRADIATION THERAPY. I have chosen to spotlight the Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy in this article, however, if you would like more information on any of these other therapies, please feel free to call the West Clinic at 208-232-3216 to inquire.

Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy

The most dramatic effect of ultraviolet irradiation is the stimulation of the immune system and various enzyme systems.  UVBI therapy raises the resistance of the host and is therefore able to control many disease processes.  A fundamental effect of UVBI is to energize or enhance the biochemical and physiological defenses of the body by the introduction of ultraviolet energy into the blood stream. When a small quantity of blood is treated with ultraviolet light, the immune system is activated to “attack” either cancer cells or invading organisms.

UVBI Ultraviolet Therapy has many similar effects to Ozone Therapy. UVBI Therapy is a medical therapy where the blood is exposed to Ultraviolet UVC light as it is removed from the patient’s body, and then reintroduced to the patient’s body. Some of its effects are:

  • Inactivation of toxins
  • Destruction and inhibition of growth of bacteria
  • Increase in oxygen combing power of blood and oxygen transportation to organs
  • Activation of white blood cells
  • Immunostimulation of cellular and humoral immunity
  • Anti-inflammatory effects
  • Increased tolerance of the body to chemotherapy and radiation
  • Decreased viscosity of blood
  • Cardiovascular protection
  • Powerful anti-infection properties
  • Improved microcirculation
  • Decreased platelet aggregation

What Disorders does UVBI Treat?

According to the Foundation of Blood Irradiation, UVBI has been found useful in treating: Allergies and Immune Dysfunction, Viral Infections, Bacterial Infections, Inflammatory Conditions, and Circulation Conditions.

UVBI Ultraviolet Therapy has few (if any) side effects and the beneficial effects are long lasting. It is easily combined with other Vitamin and Medical therapies and is economical, dependable, and gentle for the patient.

Supplements for Allergies & Sensitivities

  1. Allergy CM – Complimed
  2. Antronex – Standard Process (Please call the office for more information 203-232-3216)
  3. AllerAway – Nature’s Nx
  4. Adrenal Adapt – Nature’s Nx
  5. Ultimate Omega Balance – Nature’s Nx
  6. Homeopathic drops for specific allergies (Ex. Tree Mixes, Animals Mixes, Pollen Mixes, etc) Please call the office for more information 203-232-3216
  7. Enviro Detox – Homeopathic drops – Professional Formulas (Please call the office for more information 203-232-3216)
  8. Spanish Black Radish – Standard Process (Please call the office for more information 203-232-3216)


Learn more about the treatments we offer here and call 203-232-3216 for a FREE 15 minute consultation with our Allergy Treatment Consultants.




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